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Restaurant being restored in the kitchen

Restoring Local Restaurant

Commercial Restoration Services

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick helped this local restaurant after they experiences a broken pipe inside their kitchen. Our team needed to remove and demolition part of the kitchen to ensure full restoration. 

Our team also had to remove some of the kitchen equipment. We cleaned up the damages quickly so they could get back to business. 

SERVPRO truck in front of a house

On the Job Quickly

Weather Damage Help

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick can help you after any type of weather or storm damage

In the middle of a severe storm, our team drove to a customer who needed our help immediately inside their soccer gym. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

sunroom after servpro cleaned it after mold damage

Mold Damage is Gone

Sunroom Restored

This lovely sunroom in a local Bath/Brunswick home was cleaned by our team at SERVPRO after the family found mold. We meet IICRC standards for mold remediation and restoration. We work thoroughly to remove any moisture that could result in more mold in the future, ensuring you can go back to normal life unbothered by mold.

Bathroom fire damage

Bathroom Fire Damage

Soot and Debris Remain

After this home suffered a fire, the bathroom and many other areas were left damaged by the flames. Debris and soot covered the surfaces. Our team at SERVPRO was able to clean and restore this home to its pre damaged condition so the owners can get back to life as normal.

Before fire damage restoration services

Fire Damage in Living Room

Soot Damage

This living room was damaged after a fireplace mishap. You can see the soot damage on the wall above the fire place. Our team was able to clean and restore the wall quickly. 

Post fire damage restoration

Living Room After Damage

Cleanup Fire Damage

Our team at SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick came into this home ready to help after severe fire damage. This living room needed major reconstruction, so part of the structure was demolished to fully restore this home. 

Men standing next to banner

We are Growing!

SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick is happy to announce the purchase of a new franchise, SERVPRO of Belfast/Camden/Rockland.  We are excited to continue to grow and make it "Like it never even happened."

interior walls

Storm Restoration and Clean up

SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded to this home after a severe storm hit the area. Our team responded immediately and effectively to make it "Like it never even happened."

entry way hardwood and staircase

Post Mitigation Entry Hardwoods

This hardwood flooring entry way suffered from a water loss. SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded quickly to begin clean up to avoid further damages to the wood.  Flooring was dried properly and covered to prevent damages during reconstruction.

exposed wood on ceiling

Storm Ceiling Damage

After a storm, multiple rooms of this commercial property suffered from storm and water damage. SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded to begin water mitigation. The drywall from the ceiling was removed to help with drying process and to prevent secondary damages. 

Conference room Post Demo

Our crews quickly responded to this fire damage and begin clean up procedures removing effected materials.  The non-salvageable was removed and the room was deodorized by the professionals at SERVPRO.  

basement with soot and fire damage on the walls

Basement Fire Damage

We're Here to Help

SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded to this find fire damage after a furnace malfunction. We have special cleaning techniques and equipment to remove the soot tags to prevent staining and further damages. 

Post Demo

After a water loss, SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded quickly to this property finding significant water damage. The drywall and flooring was removed and equipment was put in place for quickly and efficient drying. 

Commercial Property Damage

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick responded to find severe damages to belongings after a water loss. They were able to quickly dry the papers and content to prevent further damages and clean the carpets professionally removing all the water and debris. 

SERVPRO green van on the way to another job at night

SERVPRO is Ready

Commercial Restoration Services

When disaster strikes your business, SERVPRO is ready for your call. We have specialized equipment and a dedicated team of professionals to restore your business after water, fire, mold, or storm damage. Give us a call today!

Commercial Drying After Water Damage

This commercial property had standing water that needed to be extracted. After SERVPRO extracted the water, we began to place specialized drying equipment. Our team of licensed water damage restoration professionals can get your business back to normal after water damage

Commercial Ceiling Damage

This hotel had ceiling damage due to a roof leak. SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick arrived to assess the damage. We removed the damaged portions of the ceilings and began the drying process. When water damage hits your business hard, SERVPRO can help.

Water and Mold in Your Commercial Property

When you discover water or mold damage in your commercial property, give SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick a call. Our team has the equipment and skill to get your business back to its pre-damaged condition.

Drying Equipment for Commercial Losses

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick has specialized equipment for all sizes of water damage. Whether your damage is commercial or residential, SERVPRO can help. Our team of licensed water damage restoration professionals can get your business dry in no time.

Commercial Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick has the equipment and expertise to handle damages of all sizes. When your business suffers water, fire, mold, or storm damage, give the company you can trust a call! We are ready 24/7 for emergencies.

Bedroom Water Loss

Hurricane Irma damaged the interior and exterior of many homes. Often when the exterior of a building is damaged, secondary damage can occur inside. This bedroom flooring was removed and properly dried and prepped for new carpeting. 

Master Bedroom Water Loss

This master bedroom had its ceiling cave in, leaving sheetrock and insulation debris to be removed before proper demolition could begin to allow for safe and effective water mitigation after Hurricane Irma in Florida. 

Ice Dam

A wall and ceiling affected by water intrusion from an ice dam was mitigated with special drying equipment. By controlling the environment with customized containment, only a portion of the room needed material removal.

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded quickly to find water damage in this commercial building.  The technicians were able to quickly use a truck mounted extractor to remove the water and prevent secondary damages. 

Hallway Water Damage

After extracting the water from this hallway that suffered from a water loss, SERVPRO placed air movers and dehumidifiers to dry quickly and effectively. When placing them strategically the water and drying process will go smoothly. 

Smoke Cleaning and Odor Removal

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick is highly trained and experienced with over 21 years of performing fire and smoke restoration services. After a fire, you can trust that we will make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in Your Bath, ME Bedroom

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick removed the charred debris from this bedroom and then completed the demolition. Our crews then focused on water damage restoration from extinguishing the fire. Give SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick a call after fire damage.

Fire Damage in Your Bathroom

This residential bathroom was heavily affected by flames and smoke and was not safe for the family to remain in the dwelling during the time services were being provided. SERVPRO has the equipment and skill to restore your home after fire damage.

Soot Tags

Soot tags occur from a synthetic/petroleum based source burn.  During a furnace malfunction or fire, soot circulates throughout the property – hot air/smoke moves towards cool air when trying to equalize the temperature. Give SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick a call after fire damage.

Family Room Water Loss

This family room suffered from a water loss after the door seal had failed leaking onto laminate flooring. The flooring was removed and dried properly returning the home back to normal conditions. 

Have You Checked Your Sunroom for Mold?

If you look closely, you can see the trim and windowsills in this Bath, ME sunroom were affected by microbial growth from the warm, moist environment. With proper mitigation and remediation, this room was safely restored and made to look "Like it never even happened."

The Effects of Moisture Problems

Attics are very susceptible to mold/mildew, or microbial growth, due to lack of proper ventilation and high humidity. Moisture problems can develop quickly in these spaces as they are frequented less often, and allow time and lack of disturbance for a good growing environment.

Attic Cleaning

High moisture in an attic often results in microbial growth. This attic’s roof sheathing, or the internal side of a roof, was affected from old shingles no longer preventing water from seeping through, and a lack of proper ventilation in the attic. By using specially formulated SERVPRO products, this sheathing was restored with very minimal mold staining.

Restoration vs Replacement

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick was unable to restore this carpet after water damage had set in. The water was left for too long for it to be restored. SERVPRO removed this carpet and the baseboards to start the drying process.

Is Your Crawlspace Mold Free?

SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick can get even the hardest to reach places free of mold. Our highly trained mold damage restoration professionals can guarantee all of the mold in your crawlspace is treated safely and efficiently.

Entry Water Damage

It takes special drying techniques to save hardwood flooring sometimes. This hardwood flooring was saved with an injectidry, which safely pulls moisture through flooring layers to allow for an even drying.

Equipment in place

This bank flooring suffered from water damage after flooding from Hurricane Sandy.  SERVPRO has professional drying equipment that was put in place for quick and effective drying to prevent secondary damages.

Bank pre equipment

This commercial space suffered from water damage after Hurricane Sandy.

Content and furniture were strategically moved and cared for as the damaged tile flooring was removed in a portion of the space.

Hurricane Sandy Danage

The crew members at SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick worked to protect content and appliances with plastic barriers as they remove water damaged materials from a residence in New York after Hurricane Sandy.

Guest Bedroom Storm Damage

After Hurricane Irma hit the Florida area, significant storm and water damage left homes in need of repair.  SERVPRO of Bath/ Brunswick responded to assist in the storm clean up. 

Bedroom Closet Water Loss

This bedroom closet suffered from a water loss after Hurricane Irma hit the Florida area.  The flood cuts were performed for quick and effective drying. SERVPRO responded immediately to help with the flooding and water clean up.

basement water damage

Water Damage in Basement

Restoration and Repair

This basement suffered a water loss after a storm.  The drywall was removed, and our air movers were placed towards the inside of the wall to properly dry from the inside out.

Fire damage in bathroom

Bathroom Fire Damage

Here to Help

This bathroom suffered a fire loss. SERVPRO of Bath/Brunswick responded immediately to begin the clean up process. Call us anytime, day or night, and we can respond to your fire loss emergency. 

Soot damage

Basement Fire Loss

Our Emergency Services

This basement suffered from significant fire damage.  Soot tags gathered in the basement after a furnace malfunction.  The crews responded immediately to begin the clean up procedures.  They were able to restore the home quickly and effectively.